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Inspiring Minds Scholarships Fund

ECU’s ‘Inspiring Minds’ Scholarship program aims to attract the brightest students to ECU and also enables those who face financial difficulties to complete their degrees and fulfil their potential.

Students today face a difficult financial environment.  Hundreds apply every year for assistance with unanticipated hardship. Many bright students are prevented from applying to enter University in the first instance because of financial circumstances.

At ECU, we want to make the best possible learning experience available to all, to increase the number of scholarships we are able to offer students, both undergraduates and postgraduates.

Two scholarship funds

To grow the support we can offer our students we’ve created two special funds within the Inspiring Minds Scholarship program.  With your support, our scholarships can recognise those students displaying outstanding academic excellence and endeavour, as well as those whose journey of learning has so far not been an easy one.

Inspiring Minds Scholarships Fund – Research Excellence

We want to attract not only the brightest students to ECU but to focus on projects which offer most benefit to Western Australia.

ECU’s graduate research students, whether they are studying for a Masters or PhD, are the thought leaders of the future. They are applying knowledge, solving problems and engaging with strategic issues of importance to ECU and our communities. They inspire others to aim high in their studies.

A scholarship for a graduate research student will ease the financial burden of every day costs, including rent, accommodation, textbooks and commuting. It will also allow students to focus on their studies rather than have to supplement their income by working or studying part time.

Inspiring Minds Scholarships Fund – Equity

ECU is proud to be continuously working on the enhancement and development of alternative entry pathways to higher education. We are Western Australia’s university of opportunity, committed to attracting and supporting the best students, regardless of their socio-economic status, ethnic grouping, location or disability.

We want to offer more scholarships to allow students the opportunity to study and to remove any barriers due to their financial position. These scholarships can allow students to enhance their studies by buying textbooks to do further reading, travelling overseas to apply their learning in another culture, or simply ease the day-to-day financial burden of being a student.

Your gift to the Inspiring Minds Scholarships Fund, whether for Research Excellence, or Equity, will join others in making a difference to the lives of our students and help them to realise their ambitions.  Donations of all sizes are vital, as even the smallest donation can be joined with others to create full scholarships.

For more information, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at

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