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Mentoring is the provision of support and guidance to students from more experienced individuals. Mentoring programs are popular and highly valued in the business world, and mentoring experience is often well-regarded by employers.

Could you act as a mentor for students and assist them in moving from study to a profession? Would you like to develop your coaching and leadership qualities? If so, we would like to invite you to be a part of the ECU Alumni Mentoring Program. Even if you have never acted as a mentor before, you can still take part, as we will provide full support and training.

The ECU Alumni Mentoring Program

The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for alumni to share their wealth of professional and life experience with ECU students, to help them in making the transition from university to their career. A face-to-face program taking place over a period of six months, mentors are matched with a student mentee and encouraged to set out goals and objectives from the outset, through a facilitated session on campus. We suggest that mentors and mentees meet at least three more times following this session, although this will be arranged at your mutual convenience.

Alumni MentorHub

Alongside the face-to-face mentoring program based in Perth, we will in 2017 be launching an informal online mentoring space; the ECU Alumni MentorHub. Mentors who sign up for MentorHub will not be formally matched with a student, but will be asked to share a profile that students and new graduates can access through a password-protected platform. Mentees can then contact the alumni mentors they think most relevant to them. Contact will be by email, and may be a one-off contact or an ongoing series of communications at participant discretion. No matter how much or little time you can spare, this is a truly valuable way to give back and support ECU students.

Program participants

Lisa Prince and Kelly Trusso

Lisa Prince, current student, Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Kelly Trusso, alumna, Bachelor of Education (Primary) (2009). Kelly is currently teaching.

Lisa Prince and Kelly Trusso

Karl Klemm and Gavin Bain

Karl Klemm, current student, Bachelor of Business and Gavin Bain, Bachelor of Business (1999). Gavin is currently CEO of Meerkats, an award-winning Perth-based ad agency.

Karl Klemm and Gavin Bain

Gayle O'Leary and Scott Collins

Gayle O’Leary, current student, Bachelor of Planning and Scott Collins, alumnus, Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (2010). Scott is currently Senior Projects Officer at City of Joondalup.

Gayle O'Leary and Scott Collins

How to get involved?

The ECU Alumni Mentoring Program will be taking place in Semester 2 each year, and involves mentors from a range of industries and disciplines.

If you are interested in taking part, email, and we will email you further information when the program is next recruiting.

For more information download the ECU Alumni Mentoring Program Guidelines.

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