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Alumni and other borrowers


If you are an ECU graduate you automatically become part of our alumni community. To become an alumni borrower, see the Alumni Advantage web page. Once you have your alumni card, you may borrow from the Library.

Alumni Advantage members can gain access to the ProQuest Central suite of databases. To access these databases go to Alumni ProQuest Login


Members of the community are welcome to become a borrower at ECU Library. A community member may borrow items from the Library collection, with the exception of items in the high use collection.

An annual membership fee is required to become a community borrower. To join, complete an application form at any ECU Campus Library and bring your current photo ID with you. The cost to join is as follows:

  • Community membership: $88 standard / $22 concession

Community membership does not provide remote access to Library subject databases. Payment is non refundable. Community members are still subject to overdue and replacement costs of items.

Students and staff from other universities and TAFE colleges

ECU Library is a member of University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand (ULANZ) which allows students and staff from member universities to borrow from us. Students and staff from other WA universities can register online. Check the list of ULANZ participating universities.

In addition to the ULANZ participating universities, ECU also has reciprocal agreements with the following TAFE colleges: North Metropolitan TAFE, South Metropolitan TAFE, North Regional TAFE, South Regional TAFE, Central Regional TAFE.

To borrow, you will need to go to the Library Enquiries Desk at any ECU Campus Library, and present your university ID card. You need to show that your enrolment/employment at your home university is current. If this information is not indicated on your ID card, some acceptable alternative proof is required, such as a current student enrolment document, contract of employment as a staff member, or current online student/staff library record.

If you are a student or staff enrolled at an international university living in Perth, you may apply to borrow from ECU Library if you can present a letter from your home institution confirming that you are of good standing and that your home institution will accept responsibility for all reasonable losses, incurred by you, if you fail to observe ECU Library's rules and regulations.

What can you borrow?

For information on what resources you can borrow, the borrowing period, renewals and penalties, please see the Borrowing items web page.

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