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ECU University Archives

ECU University Archives supports research, teaching, scholarships and objectives of ECU.

Established in 1983, the Archives are responsible for the administration, preservation, appraisal and destruction of non-current business records.

Located onsite at Joondalup campus it makes historically valuable records available, contains preserved collections & documentation of the University and its predecessor agencies dating back to 1902.

The holdings of the Archives repositories include long and short-term temporary records, as well as permanent records of faculties, Schools, institutes and other correlations with other University bodies.

Records of student bodies, including the Guild, clubs and societies, personal papers & memorabilia from the alumni and former students are located and maintained here.

The Archives facility is deemed the safest place to house & safeguard our records, due to temperature & humidity controls in place.

The environment is pest controlled & ensures historical papers are protected from deterioration, which is why archives & vital records are stored here for safekeeping.

Enquiries about donating items, requests for archives items, displays for exhibitions or enquiries about the history of predecessor agencies at ECU should be directed to

Contact the Information Management & Archive Services (IMAS) team if information is required on Archives policy and procedures.

Visits to the Archives by staff, students and the general public are welcome, however, access to the Archives is by arrangement only.

To register your interest in viewing the Archives facility & its contents, or to discuss a donation, please contact


Exhibitions – IMAS being the owners of all things historical, has contributed many various items we hold to exhibitions. We recently had an exhibition for Edith Cowan’s birthday & have contributed archival items to events such as Music under the Stars, where we displayed ECU artifacts & its predecessor history & contributed records such as;

  • Edith Cowan memorabilia, including photographs & relevant items
  • College Bibles, used at Graylands Teachers College & Claremont Teachers College.
  • Mondummery Shield - a prize of love, originated in 1957 to honour a college couple Don Mummery and Erica Shepherd
  • Wooden planks with graffiti, featuring the handiwork of some of ECU’s prior staff & students
  • Ceremonial Robes, graduation sashes, sports memorabilia & flags & emblems

We have also assisted with displays for ECU’s 25th Anniversary, VC Exhibitions, Alumni Events such as Alumni Scrapbook Project & we have undertaken Media Production Projects, which have all assisted in showcasing our preserved Archives & being able to impart our knowledge on how these items came into existence.  We also offer weekly tours of our Archives facility for interested parties, please contact for more information.


Enquiries regarding the ECU Archives can be directed to the Information Management and Archive Services team:

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