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Document Delivery

Borrow from other libraries

Document delivery is a service for requesting books, journal articles and other resources not held by an ECU Library.

Document delivery is available to:

  • academic and professional staff with university related research needs;
  • graduate, honours and higher degree students;
  • remote and off-campus students;
  • offshore students (please note we are only able to obtain copies of chapters or articles for offshore students and are unable to send books from other libraries to these students).

Placing a request

Before placing a request for a document delivery service:

a. Search ECU WorldSearch to see if it is already in the ECU Library collection.

b. Search the web; Google Scholar or Google to see if it is already available online.

To place a document delivery request use our online service, Virtual Document eXchange (VDX). This system allows authorised students and staff to submit and track requests, and collect articles from VDX when notified of their arrival by email.

It is very important that you give a full and accurate citation for the material you want. Provide the full title, author’s name, volume, issue and publication date. Requests not meeting these minimum requirements will be returned to the requester for more details.

Using the Virtual Document eXchange

  1. Sign in with your ADS username (ECU login id) and your ADS password.
  2. Search and Request, enter search terms, click SEARCH.
  3. Click Get it! on your required title.
  4. For copies, enter details for article or chapter in fields under Part Details.
  5. Click REQUEST and accept Copyright prompt (for articles and chapters). Please allow the screen to refresh fully to avoid duplicate requests.
  6. Note ILL request number for tracking purposes.
  7. If you have problems obtaining all the information necessary to place your request, try Google Scholar. This is a search engine that indexes the content of scholarly material published on the internet and in electronic books and journals.
  8. When finished, please remember to either log off your computer, or close your browser screen. This will prevent anyone else viewing your information , and is especially important on a public computer. 

Collecting your requests

Where possible, copies of book chapters and journal articles will be delivered electronically via VDX. An email will be sent to you notifying you when a document has arrived. If there is no PDF link on your copy request in VDX, the item has been received as a hard copy because copyright or licensing restrictions prevent electronic delivery. These items can be collected at the enquiry desk of your home campus.

Materials on loan from other libraries are to be collected at the enquiry desk of your home campus, unless you are an eligible off-campus student. Interlibrary loan items not collected within seven (7) days of notification are returned to the supplying library.

Loaned materials are subject to the same rules and restrictions as other Library materials.

Overdue items

Items must be either returned to the ECU Library by the due date, or borrowers must contact Document Delivery (see details below) before the due date to request a renewal. If users have not returned an item by 14 days after the due date, they will be blocked from using VDX until the item is returned as above.


For enquiries about the document delivery service please contact us:
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5525

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