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CyberWest: A New Era of Growth for Western Australia's Cyber Hub

ECU is proud to be hosting the WA Cyber Security Innovation Hub, to be known as CyberWest. It's the state's newly revamped, locally driven cyber security centre.

Image of Cecily Rawlinson standing in front of large computer screens Director Cecily Rawlinson said she is excited to be working with ECU to grow and support the state’s cyber security capability.

Edith Cowan University (ECU) is proud to announce the official launch of the WA Cyber Security Innovation Hub, to be known as CyberWest, as the state's newly revamped, locally driven cyber security centre.

Established in 2018 as part of the AustCyber Industry Growth Network, alongside the State Government, CyberWest will now be supported through the New Industries Fund and hosted by Edith Cowan University, in the City of Joondalup with a remit to grow and support the state’s cyber security capability.

“The initial four years we spent as part of AustCyber were an excellent foundation on which to build the hub and its capability and we’re grateful to the AustCyber network for their support over this time,” CyberWest Director Cecily Rawlinson said.

“We’re now entering an exciting new phase of growth but will of course continue to work collaboratively with other states and federal cyber agencies so we can best support the cyber sector.”

The team is co-located with the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre, the ECU Security Research Institute, ECU Securing Digital Futures theme leader, and ECU Defence Research at ECU’s Joondalup campus.

“We’re pleased to continue being hosted by ECU as it is a natural fit for CyberWest. They produce 20% of Australia’s cyber graduates and we are part of a cluster of organisations that provide a centre of cyber capability, capacity, and leadership for the state,” Ms Rawlinson said.

CyberWest’s priorities for 2023 include supporting growth and commercial opportunities for the cyber security sector, building capability in the next generation of cyber professionals, and improving cyber security awareness and preparedness in all WA businesses.

In May, the second annual CyberWest Summit will be held in Perth. Recognising that cyber security is more than an ‘IT problem’ the Summit is the ‘cyber conference for non cyber professionals’ and is designed for leaders across all business functions.

The program will provide clear and actionable cyber education to professionals outside of the security sector through a variety of presentations, workshops, and hands-on activities as well as connecting organisations to world leading cyber security providers. There will be a focus on three content streams; Critical Infrastructure, Secure Government, and Cyber Skills, the summit will also have an emphasis on diversity and education pathways.

Western Australia’s Minister for Innovation Stephen Dawson MLC has praised CyberWest for its commitment to growth and innovation in the Western Australian cyber sector.

"The launch of CyberWest marks a new era of growth and collaboration for Western Australia's cyber hub," Minister Dawson said.

"We are confident that this new locally driven and expertly led hub will bring about exciting developments and opportunities for the Western Australian cyber sector."

Join the 2023 CyberWest Summit to be a part of this exciting new phase of growth for Western Australia's cyber sector by registering your interest here.

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