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South West Peer Mentoring Program

South West Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Mentoring Program is a free service available for all ECU students. The program assists new students in building social and academic networks which in turn helps students adjust to university life more quickly. The goal of the program is to provide support and encouragement to first year students which will enhance their university experience. 

Having an experienced student as your mentor gives you access to a great source of information on things that are happening at university as well as answering any questions or concerns.

Mentors are good communicators who provide support to new students to make them feel welcome and make their transition into university life a little easier. Mentors can also share and pass on their experiences, such as study techniques, how to manage stress, time management and other skills acquired during their studies.


It's easy to request a peer mentor. Just complete the Mentee application form and return it to


For more information please contact Careers and Leadership on (08) 6304 5899 or

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