Unit Set Information

Politics and International Relations Major

Effective from 01-JAN-2017 : Code MAAAIQ

Politics and International Relations address some of the most important and contentious issues facing humanity. In this major, students will examine the ideas, structures and processes that drive politics at both the national and international level. Emphasis is placed on assisting students to understand the nature of contemporary political challenges and the role of political leadership, the media, corporate interests, public opinion and grassroots political movements in framing and addressing these challenges. While the focus is global, thematic and interdisciplinary, specialist units are offered in Australian, American and Chinese politics. The major offers students the opportunity to build links between politics and history through units covering the rise to power of Hitler and Stalin, and America during the Cold War.


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This Major can be studied in the following courses:

Mode of Delivery

On Campus at Joondalup, Mount Lawley

Learning Outcomes

Related Careers

Research/Policy Officer, Journalist, State/Federal Member of Parliament Employee, Diplomatic Servant

Employment Opportunities

This major is useful for a wide range of careers including the public service, journalism, policy/research positions with political parties, and with national and international non-government agencies.

Major Structure

Students are required to complete two of the following units (30 credit points):

Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
POL1104 ^Foundations of Politics and Government15
POL1105 ^Introduction to International Relations: The World into the 21st Century15
POL1103 ^Modern Political Thought15
Plus, students are required to complete the following three units (45 credit points):
JOU2111Introduction to Journalism15
BRO1000iTalk@ECU: Presentation Skills15
PRN2225Media Relations15
Plus, students are required to complete two of the following three units (30 credit points):
POL2103 ^Terrorism15
HIS2140 ^Slavery: From Ancient Greece to the Modern Global Economy15
POL2127 ^Australian Government15
Plus, students are required to complete five of the following eight units (75 credit points):
POL3133 ^Visionaries, Warmongers and Protesters: American Political History Through Film (1950-1975)15
POL3124 ^Hitler and Stalin: Studies in Power, Ideology and Propaganda15
HIS3124 ^The History and Sociology of Genocide15
POL3109 ^China: The Rise of a Global Power15
POL3110 ^Global Politics and the Environment15
POL3170 ^Conflict and Cooperation: Global Challenges in an Age of Disruption15
POL3142 ^Gods, Guns and Gridlock: Why is American Politics Different?15

Plus students are required to complete the following three units (45 credit points):

^ Core Option

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