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When do I need to arrive in Perth for my classes?

We recommend at least two to three weeks before the start of your classes. This is because it's really important that you attend Orientation events before you start your first semester. Orientation will help you understand how ECU works, what your course is about and so much more.

Arriving two to three weeks before classes start also gives you enough time to arrange permanent accommodation and become familiar with Perth and surrounding areas.

What is Orientation? Finding a place to live
Documentation to bring to Australia

We recommend you bring the following documents when you travel to Australia:

  • passport (valid for full length of intended stay in Australia)
  • birth certificate (or a copy)
  • course offer letter from ECU
  • Confirmation of Enrolment document from ECU
  • bilingual dictionary (specialist dictionaries for your area of study will be helpful)
  • original documents of any qualifications you have
  • resumes/curriculum vitae
  • travel insurance policy
  • driver’s licence
  • medical records, e.g. a letter from your doctor describing the kind of medicine you require, and for what condition
  • copies of medical scripts, including script for spectacles if you wear these
  • vaccination records
  • references from previous landlords if you’re planning to rent off-campus accommodation

You will need to have copies of the above documents, translated into English. We also recommend you bring enough Australian money for taxis, buses, phone calls, etc. in the event of an emergency.

What can't you bring to Australia?

Australia's quarantine regulations are very strict and many foodstuffs, plants, animal products, weapons and some medicines can't be imported here.

You'll be required to declare such items on the incoming passenger card on your flight to Australia. Failure to declare any of these restricted items could lead to on-the-spot fines or even prosecution.

More about travelling here


If you're bringing medication with you, check with your local Australian mission to confirm that the amount and type of medicine you require is permitted in Australia.

It's also a good idea to bring a letter from your doctor describing the kind of medicine you require, and for what condition. Also bring copies of vaccination records.

Read more on the Government website

Make sure that all of your prescription medications are up-to-date before arriving in Australia.

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What does
that mean?
Here's a quick guide to some of the things we mention during the Preparing stage.
  • A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is issued by us to overseas students and must accompany an application for a student visa. It confirms the student's eligibility to enrol in the particular course of the registered provider.

    For domestic students, it's a confirmation of your current enrolment. You can get your CoE through SIMO.

  • Orientation is a free program of activities to help you get ready to study as a new ECU student. Participating in Orientation will help you familiarise yourself with our university and discover important information about your course. You should attend as many Orientation activities as you can. Register at the Orientation webpage.

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