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Man and woman watching sunrise over city of Perth

Why on earth would you live in Perth?

You should probably ask the 2 million people who’ve chosen this wonderful capital city to answer that. But Perth is arguably one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

The ECU Experience

Susannah Carr and Alison Fan pictured with ECU Graduate Diploma of Broadcasting students

Learning from legends

Choose a Graduate Diploma of Broadcasting at ECU and you’ll not only learn from lecturers who are working journalists and broadcasters, you’ll also hear from and connect with the best in the business.

image of a modern building on the ECU Joondalup Campus

How Asma became the master of her own destiny

Asma Sheriff is ready to make a difference in the world, to build a career with purpose. And she has laid the foundations for that career by graduating with a Master of Public Health degree.

Aerial view of the city of Portsmouth in the UK

Two countries, two degrees, one subject

If you’re thinking about university study and the idea of spending time overseas sounds appealing, this might just be the ticket. You’ll even graduate in less time.

Students working together in a university laboratory.

Why studying Biomed Science could lead you anywhere

Wondering what to study at uni and haven’t decided on a future career or job? There are courses where you can do some exploring in your first year, with flexibility around subject choices in second year. One of these is Biomedical Science.

Student sitting at desk in computer lab.

A day in the uni life of Soumi the Cyber Hero

Soumita Kale is a cyber security student who never sits still. When she’s not studying, she’s volunteering to run workshops about coding for high school girls or explaining cyber safety to kids.

Cyber Security students working in a computer facility with large screens.

How a huge bank heist led to a career in cybersecurity

In 2016 in Bangladesh, cyber criminals pulled off one of the biggest bank robberies in history. It led to a young woman moving to Australia to study Cybersecurity. She now works for consultancy KPMG as a legitimate hacker.

A range of fruits and vegetables

Finding the right ingredients for a career change

After Michaela De Paolis fell in love with CrossFit, it led to a passion for nutrition – balanced nutrition being key to any kind of fitness routine. This led to a career change and a return to uni.

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Preparing for Employment

Nursing students attending to dummy patients

Helen shifts the dial on the value of nurses

Everyone loves nurses. But do we really understand their stories? Nurse-turned-filmmaker Helen Hanson-Searle certainly does. She even made a short film to celebrate the profession.

Racks of books behind bright red plastic chairs

How to design a career you hadn't thought of

Aryana wanted a career where she could pursue creativity, but it had to be practical, valuable and meaningful. So she started with a Design degree and an open mind and is now working at IBM as a UX designer and a business analyst.

Engineering building on a university campus

How three young engineers built their dream careers

They came from different backgrounds and studied different courses, but they all experienced the same industry-applied learning, world-class facilities and dedicated support that helped them build a foundation for the future.

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Why Choose ECU

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Preparing for Uni

Young woman stretching arms out while sitting on floor

How to stay calm during exam time

We get it. Sitting Year 12 exams, or any exams really, can be intense. Who are these people talking to me about being calm? How is that even possible? Answer: it’s possible, and you can do it.

Young woman studying at home

How to study more effectively

You probably know people who seem to do well, regardless of how much effort they seem to put into studying. Most of us aren’t like that, but there are things you can do to improve your chance of success as a student.

Female and male students sitting together in a meeting room.

How to avoid choosing the ‘wrong’ university course

Choosing a course that’s ‘right’ for you is never easy. In some ways it’s mission impossible unless you know exactly what you want to be after you graduate. But there are ways to avoid being stuck in a course you totally hate.

Odin Lepp

Create a bright future with a scholarship from ECU

Applying for a scholarship can be the first step towards your future career. Edith Cowan University (ECU) has a range of scholarships to help cover the costs associated with university, including textbooks, travel and other expenses.

Mikayla King, former scholarship winner

Make your dream a reality with an ECU scholarship

ECU offer a range of scholarships that can be the first step towards your future. ECU scholarships help students access higher education and achieve their study goals by providing essential financial support.

Colourful artwork on stairway between university buildings.

How to find your path to university

University entry isn’t limited to ATAR scores for school leavers. If you’ve chosen not to study for an ATAR, or you did but got a lower ATAR than expected, you still have pathway options into university courses.

Students walking through the ECU Joondalup Campus entrance smiling

Why being flexible is the key to study success

ECU’s Professor Joanne Dickson, a goal-motivation and mental health and wellbeing expert, says the path you decided on a year or more ago does not need to be the direction you decide to head today.

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The WA Experience

Man and woman watching sunrise over city of Perth

Why on earth would you live in Perth?

You should probably ask the 2 million people who’ve chosen this wonderful capital city to answer that. But Perth is arguably one of Australia’s best kept secrets.