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Jazz Major


Recognised as one of the strongest jazz courses in the southern hemisphere, this major produces many nationally and internationally renowned jazz musicians.

The strength of the major lies in the focus on performance outcomes. All educational units are based around developing these skills. All students participate in a variety of ensembles, from big bands to jazz trios and everything in between. The major also has a visiting artist program that is second to none, and prides itself on the depth of professional knowledge that is on offer to students year round.

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Unit set overview



Availability & Campus

JO - Joondalup BU - South West ML - Mount Lawley OL - Online



Year 1 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS1305Jazz Principal Study 110
MUS1306Jazz History and Culture 15
MUS1307Jazz Arranging 15
MUS1308Jazz Improvisation 110
MUS1309Jazz Aural 15
MUS1330Jazz Second Study 15
MUS1311Jazz Large Ensemble 15
MUS1312Jazz Special Projects 15
MUS1313Jazz Repertoire Ensemble 110
Year 1 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS1314Jazz Principal Study 210
MUS1315Jazz History and Culture 25
MUS1316Jazz Arranging 25
MUS1317Jazz Improvisation 210
MUS1318Jazz Aural 25
MUS1339Jazz Second Study 25
MUS1320Jazz Large Ensemble 25
MUS1321Jazz Special Projects 25
MUS1322Jazz Repertoire Ensemble 210
Year 2 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS2305Jazz Principal Study 310
MUS2306Jazz History and Culture 35
MUS2307Jazz Arranging 35
MUS2308Jazz Improvisation 310
MUS2309Jazz Aural 35
MUS2330Jazz Second Study 35
MUS2311Jazz Large Ensemble 35
MUS2312Jazz Special Projects 35
MUS2313Jazz Repertoire Ensemble 310
Year 2 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS2314Jazz Principal Study 410
MUS2315Jazz History and Culture 45
MUS2316Jazz Arranging 45
MUS2317Jazz Improvisation 410
MUS2318Jazz Aural 45
MUS2339Jazz Second Study 45
MUS2320Jazz Large Ensemble 45
MUS2321Jazz Special Projects 45
MUS2322Jazz Repertoire Ensemble 410
Year 3 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS3305Jazz Principal Study 515
MUS3306Jazz History and Culture 55
MUS3307Jazz Composition 15
MUS3308Jazz Improvisation 510
MUS3309Jazz Large Ensemble 55
MUS3310Jazz Special Projects 55
MUS3321Jazz Repertoire Ensemble 515
Year 3 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS3313Jazz Principal Study 615
MUS3314Jazz History and Culture 65
MUS3315Jazz Composition 25
MUS3316Jazz Improvisation 610
MUS3317Jazz Large Ensemble 65
MUS3318Jazz Special Projects 65
MUS3322Jazz Repertoire Ensemble 615

Students specialising in music arranging will substitute MUS2607, MUS2524 and MUS2525 for MUS3321 and MUS3322, with the approval of the course coordinator.

Year 4 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS4305Jazz Principal Study 715
MUS4306Jazz Composition 35
MUS4307Jazz Improvisation 710
MUS4308Jazz Large Ensemble 75
MUS4309Jazz Special Projects 75
MUS4310Jazz Repertoire Ensemble 715
MUS3312Jazz Professional Management Skills 15
Year 4 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS4312Jazz Principal Study 815
MUS4313Jazz Composition 45
MUS4314Jazz Improvisation 810
MUS4315Jazz Large Ensemble 85
MUS4316Jazz Special Projects 85
MUS4317Jazz Repertoire Ensemble 815
MUS3320Jazz Professional Management Skills 25

Students specialising in music arranging will substitute MUS2520, MUS2615 and MUS2616 for MUS4310 and MUS4317, with the approval of the course coordinator.

For more detailed unit information for this Major take a look at our Handbook. To organise your life for next semester visit the Semester timetable.

Student handbook


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a broad and coherent body of knowledge with depth in the underlying principles, concepts, theories and techniques of Jazz Performance.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge with depth of the definitive jazz styles, techniques and artists and its relationship to history culture and music.
  3. Demonstrate cross cultural, social and ethical awareness, including indigenous cultural competence and apply a local and international perspective to practice.
  4. Review, analyse, and synthesise instrumental, improvisational, interpretive, and technical knowledge to develop practice and performance repertoire for a variety of Jazz music styles.
  5. Exercise critical thinking and judgement to identify and solve problems during rehearsals and performances.
  6. Apply trans literacy skills to successfully communicate knowledge and ideas through the construction of Jazz melodies, arrangements, and compositions.
  7. Apply creative thinking, innovation, and initiative to generate and evaluate complex ideas and provide evidenced and sustainable judgements and solutions to contemporary challenges in professional practice settings.
  8. Adapt knowledge and skills in diverse contexts to master repertoire applying advanced instrumental, improvisational, interpretive and technical performance skills.
  9. Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for professional development in jazz through creative, critical and reflective thinking and practice, in both individual and group settings.

Career Opportunities

Possible future job titles

Arranger, Performer, Musician

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