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Classical Performance: Vocal Major


Allows students to receive individual lessons, specialist performance classes and participate in a large range of ensembles, which may include chamber music groups, the symphony orchestra, fully-staged operas and cutting-edge new music.

Vocal students also have specialist classes to study acting, languages and movement skills.



Availability & Campus

JO - Joondalup BU - South West ML - Mount Lawley OL - Online



Year 1 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS1505Classical Principal Study 115
MUS1506Classical Aural 1: Fundamentals of Aural Training10
MUS1504Music Techniques 1: Fundamentals of Music Theory5
MUS1508Music History: Modernism and Postmodernism10
MUS1705Acting and Performance Skills5
MUS1706Italian Lyric Diction 15
MUS1711Italian 110
Year 1 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS1513Classical Principal Study 215
MUS1514Classical Aural 2: Fundamental Principles of Baroque and Classical Music10
MUS1524Music Techniques 2: Fundamental Principles of Baroque and Classical Harmony5
MUS1516Music History: Classical Overview10
MUS1708Acting and Performance Skills 25
MUS1709Italian Lyric Diction 25
MUS1712Italian 210
Year 2 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS2505Classical Principal Study 315
MUS2506Classical Aural 3: Renaissance and Baroque10
MUS2519Music Techniques 3: Renaissance and Baroque5
MUS2508Music History: Baroque10
MUS2705Acting and Performance Skills 35
MUS2706German Lyric Diction 15
MUS2703German 110
Year 2 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS2513Classical Principal Study 415
MUS2514Classical Aural 4: Classical and Romantic10
MUS2529Music Techniques 4: Classical and Romantic5
MUS2709Acting and Performance Skills 45
MUS2710German Lyric Diction 25
MUS2704German 210
MUS3512Music History: Historical Performance Practices10
Year 3 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS3505Classical Principal Study 520
MUS3506Classical Aural 5: Romantic and Twentieth Century10
MUS3508Music History: Classic to Romantic10
MUS3705Acting and Performance Skills 55
MUS3710French Lyric Diction 15
MUS3707Vocal Style and Repertoire 110
Year 3 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS3509Classical Principal Study 620
MUS3510Classical Aural 6: Advanced Music Skills10
MUS3709Vocal Style and Repertoire 210
MUS4705French Lyric Diction 25
MUS3713Acting and Performance Skills 615
Year 4 - Semester 1
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS4505Classical Principal Study 720
MUS4506Music Techniques 5: Twentieth Century10
MUS2509Managing a Career in Music5
MUS4709Vocal Style and Repertoire 310
MUS4713Acting and Performance Skills 715
Year 4 - Semester 2
Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
MUS4510Classical Principal Study 820
MUS4511Music Techniques 6: Composition and Arranging10
MUS4708English Lyric Diction5
MUS4714Acting and Performance Skills 815
Elective Unitx 110

Note: The elective unit must be from the Classical Elective Unit Bank, or approved by the Unit Set Coordinator.

For more detailed unit information for this Major take a look at our Handbook. To organise your life for next semester visit the Semester timetable.

Student handbook


Learning Outcomes

  1. Adapt knowledge and skills in diverse contexts to develop original compositions with different structures, features, and forms.
  2. Demonstrate a broad and coherent body of knowledge with depth in the underlying principles and concepts of composition and music technology, including the definitive musical styles and significant musical and historical events of electronic music, the key composers, composition techniques and recordings of contemporary 21st century music, and the key characteristics of a range of historically significant musical genres.
  3. Demonstrate initiative and judgement in planning, problem-solving, and decision making to create, market, and promote major composition performances.
  4. Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for own learning to create a folio of creative works and develop an appreciation of seminal sound artists, musical works, and performances.
  5. Exercise critical thinking and judgement to identify and solve problems during the implementation of compositional theory.
  6. Review, analyse, and synthesise knowledge to recognise and accommodate different musical influences in creative practice.
  7. Successfully communicate knowledge and ideas through composition techniques and concepts in concert with appropriate audio technologies.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities

Graduates of the classical music program can be found in major opera houses, recital halls and in educational institutions the world over.

Possible future job titles

Soloist, Chorister, Music Teacher, Vocal Coach, Church Musician, Early-Music Performer

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"WAAPA taught me all about music and what it takes to be a professional singer"
Daniella Sicari
Daniella SicariWAAPA Music – Classical Voice graduate

My undergraduate course at WAAPA gave me fundamental music skills and knowledge. History lectures and invaluable theory classes set me up to recognise musical context and structural understanding. These three years were the years I fell in love with music. The Graduate Diploma taught me that there were more elements to being a singer than I had ever imagined. This was the year I began to discover what opera and art song really could be. WAAPA helped set me up for my time overseas and prepared me with specific tools for my craft. In particular, role preparation and research, and stage confidence and exploration. It also allowed me to gain efficient learning skills when presented with new music, especially in other languages.

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