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The Australian Prospectors and Miners Hall of Fame

The Edith Cowan University Art Collection has lent 22 art works to the Federation Funded Australian Prospectors and Miners Hall of Fame in Kalgoorlie. Lorraine Fitzpatrick consultant project officer of Hall of Fame displays approached Curatorial Services when it became apparent that this new building contained an ideal exhibition space for art works. The selection of works celebrates prospecting and mining in the Australian landscape.

Artists bring a unique way of seeing and understanding the land and the ways in which people interact with the environment.

They devise and use particular palettes of colour, forms or symbology to translate ways of seeing and understanding the mining landscape and activities. As Robert Juniper explained in 1969, "I paint not so much the appearance of the landscape but my feelings about it"."

Allan Baker captured the spirit of the miner and placed them in the environment, in which they lived and worked. Bevan Honey’s sculpture (Six rusted shovels with the Eureka flag printed on them) deliberately connects the historically hard work of mining with the principle of egalitarianism so treasured by Australians but won at the cost of miners lives.

Fred Williams and Robert Juniper both expressed their view of the Australian landscape as being seen from an aerial perspective creating vast expanses of space and colour with abstracted marks to represent the presence of living things.

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