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Personal safety tips

Our team of Security Officers are committed to assisting and protecting students, staff and visitors on all campuses.

To help us do this, as well as prevent crime on campus, please take time to read our personal safety tips so you can feel safer on campus. If you see, hear or suspect any criminal or illegal activity on our campuses please help us by completing an online incident report.

Security phones

Security phones have been placed strategically around each campus. Both inside and outside locations have been selected for quick and easy access. Just lift the handset and wait for a response. See our campus maps for emergency phone locations.

General safety tips

To ensure your safety on campus, remember these general safety tips:

  • Secure your keys. Keep personal and University keys secure at all times. Do not loan your keys out.
  • Secure valuables. Keep valuables in a locked cabinet or drawer. Do not leave bags unattended; it only takes a few seconds for a theft to take place.
  • Stay alert. Be alert to strangers wandering aimlessly around your office or work area. If you notice a suspicious person or activity taking place contact Campus Security. Inform the Security Officer of the situation, where it is taking place, a description of individual(s) and number of persons involved.
  • Personal security. If you are working late at night, keep your office locked and report any suspicious activity. Call Campus Security if you would like an accompaniment to your vehicle. A Security Officer will respond as quickly as possible. Report any personal threats immediately.
  • Lock your office and room. Make sure that your office or room is locked when you leave. Do not rely on anyone else to do it for you.
  • Report losses. Report any loss or theft of keys, equipment, or valuables immediately to Campus Security.
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