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Alone on campus

If you’re alone on campus at night, studying or working, we have programs in place to help ensure your safety.

Campus Alone

Campus Alone is a program available to all members of ECU’s campus community who work and study on campus during the quiet hours of the evening, weekends and public holidays.

How does it work?

Individuals concerned for their personal safety while working or studying alone at night may contact Campus Security and provide the following information:

  • name, an exact location and telephone number;
  • an estimated time of departure, if this changes you must inform Campus Security; and
  • provide Campus Security with your mode of travel and, if applicable, a vehicle description and location where you have parked your vehicle.

Security accompaniment

We encourage all staff and students to take advantage of our Security Accompaniment program. Simply call Campus Security and ask to be accompanied to your vehicle.

Telephone: Extension 3333 from a campus telephone or (08) 6304 3333 from an external line.

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