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National Networked Tele-Test Facility

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The facility is equipped with a Verigy 93000 SOC P1000 tester. This platform available for SOC characterisation meets the need of production testing with the following features:

  • 512 digital channels upgradeable to 1024
  • All channels have:
    • Data rate of 1000Mbps
    • 2 MB sequencer memory
    • 7 MB vector memory
    • Overall timing accuracy (OTA) of +/- 200 ps
  • 16 channels of 112 MB of vector memory for scan
  • 16 channels of 2.5 Gbps data rate (NP2500)
  • Clock rates of up to 1.25GHz
  • 8 device power supply (DPS) channels

The Facility Verigy 93000 SOC tester also includes integrated, high performance analogue instrumentation. The combined digital and analogue test capabilities make the 93000 Series ideal for testing the most demanding systems on a chip comprising digital, memory and mixed-signal functionality.

  • High Speed Digitiser of 41 MSample/s, 12-bit
  • High Resolution Digitiser of 2.048 MSample/s, 24-bit
  • High Resolution Waveform Generator of 1 MSample/s, 18-bit
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