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Research activity

Research at the School of Engineering encompasses a broad range of engineering disciplines and allied sciences. This breadth positions us well to undertake research in sustainability engineering, which is multidisciplinary in nature.

Our research focuses on three main themes:

  • Energy, resources and the environment
  • Communication, monitoring and control
  • Materials, manufacturing and infrastructure

Our school has an outward looking research and development perspective. We endeavour to proactively identify and develop innovative solutions to real-world engineering problems, particularly those relevant to Australian industry and the community.

Key Research Areas

  • The Centre for Communications and Electronics Research conducts research in the fields of communication systems and networks, sensing and monitoring technologies and smart energy systems with a focus on research solutions and capabilities for the benefit of local communities and beyond. More
  • The Chemical Engineering Group is engaged in cutting-edge research in solar energy conversion, environmental nanotechnology, mining and mineral processing, and hydrocarbon synthesis from methane and carbon dioxide. More
  • The Thermofluids Research Group research interests include energy conversion systems, renewable energy, alternate fuels, fluidic behaviour as well as physical process modelling and optimisation. More
  • The Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Research Group work on providing practical solutions to problems in the broad area of civil engineering practice that deals with geomaterials, wastes (coal ashes, mine tailings, etc.) and geosynthetics. More
  • The Materials Research Group conducts research in the design, synthesis, microstructure characterisation and properties evaluation of advanced materials for various  engineering applications.More
  • The Smart Energy Systems Research Group focusses on smart grid technologies for microgrids including integration of renewable energy sources, demand forecasting by using artificial intelligence, development of decision making and generation scheduling methods. More
  • The Water and Environmental Engineering Group conducts research in the fields fluid mechanics, hydraulics, urban water, pollutant transport, desalination using  renewable energy, and water and wastewater treatment. More
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