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Getting involved

There are many ways you can get involved in our alumni programs or contribute to the future direction of the university or our students.

Become a mentor

Want to act as a mentor for students and assist them in moving from study to a profession?

Mentoring can be an excellent way for you to develop your coaching and leadership qualities, as well as achieve many other benefits. This new program will allow ECU students to benefit from the experience and expertise of our alumni, with mentors guiding students in their career and personal development. Even if you have never acted as a mentor before, you can still take part, as we will provide full support and training.

For more information visit our Mentoring web page.

Organise a reunion

If you would like to organise an alumni reunion we would love to hear from you. Our office can support you by helping you contact fellow alumni, managing RSVPs and promoting your event via our alumni communication channels. Please download the Alumni Reunion Planning Guide and ECU Alumni Booking Form on the right hand side of this page and contact us at to let us know about your plans.

Become an Alumni Key Contact

Alumni Key Contacts are alumni of ECU who live in a location where the University does not have a physical presence, and have agreed to be a local point of contact. If you choose to become a Key Contact, your contact details will be published on our website for other alumni to get in touch with you.

You may be contacted with any number of queries, for example by other local alumni who would like to get together and organise an event, or expand their networks. ECU may also contact you if we are in your locality and need support with our projects, events or have other queries that are specific to your region.

Provide a profile

Share your journey with us and one another by telling us about your life since graduating from ECU. We want to build a space online where you can find information about your friends and fellow students, revisit memories of your time at ECU or simply be inspired by the stories of others. Help us build this space by sharing your story with us now.

Attend an alumni focus group

We are very keen to hear your opinions about the activities we are currently providing, and what you think we could be offering for the future. If you would like to help us shape the program going forward, then you may wish to come along to one of our Alumni Focus Group sessions, or contribute electronically by completing a future online survey. Please contact us at to share your opinions.

Nominate for ECU Council

If you’d like to make a difference and help shape the future direction of ECU, consider nominating as an Alumni Representative on the ECU Council. To be eligible to nominate for the Council, or to have your say and vote in the alumni elections, you need to be entered on the University’s Register of Alumni.

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