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Benchmarking providesa mechanism for the University to compare our performance and practice ininternational activities and operational services with peers in the industry.

The International Portfolio coordinates participation and provides data for various AustralianUniversities International Directors Forum (AUIDF) benchmarking activitiesincluding:

  • International Operations
  • Learning Abroad Benchmarking
  • International Benchmarking Annual     Report using Data from the Public Domain-Government Sources
  • International Data Collection (three     times a year).

The AustralianUniversities International Directors’ Forum (AUIDF) was established in 2002 inresponse to a need for mutual support in dealing with increasing numbers ofinternational students coming to Australian institutions. The aim of AUIDF isto support University stakeholders to advance the quality reputation ofinternational education in Australia through increased cooperation andcohesion.

One of the keyactivities of the group is participating in benchmarking studies on specificaspects of international operations of Australian universities which haveincluded: costs of international operations as a proportion of on-campus internationalstudent revenue, staffing of admissions, costs of recruiting for key overseassource countries, conversion rates from applications to offers tocommencements, the structure of International Offices and outbound LearningAbroad (Global Student Mobility).

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