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The International Office is responsible for leading the University's international growth, engagement and the establishment of new international education and commercial enterprises.

It manages the University's principal international partnerships, and it develops and supports international relationships that:

  • Enhance the University's global reputation; grow international student participation and income; deliver high quality transnational education programs;
  • attract students to the University though international partnerships and pathways; secure access to new resources for research and research students; and
  • enables student and staff mobility for collaboration with international partners.

The portfolio performs strategic planning and development functions in very close conjunction with Schools to support their success in the diverse activities which exemplify ECU's Internationalisation.

The main functions of the International Office are to support the University Executive team and Schools, by:

  • providing ideas and analysis for international strategy development;
  • coordinating the management of international academic partnerships;
  • processing and reviewing contracts and agreements;
  • managing international education agent partnerships;
  • providing operational services to study tours and delegations including the securing of Government Student Mobility Funding.

To provide these functions, the International Office is organised around four core professional areas with the following broad responsibilities:

  • Internationalisation: provides support for Student Mobility programs across the University;
  • Transnational Education (TNE): provides support for the development, execution and coordination of TNE and offshore program activity across the University;
  • International Business Operations (International Partnerships): looks after the strategic development of international commercial partnerships, education agent and pathway relationship management and the direction of key International Business Partnerships area within the International Portfolio;
  • Secretariat: responsible for strategic development and advice, senior inbound and outbound delegations, contract facilitation and processing and international relationship management.

For contact details please visit our Contact page.

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