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Honorary Awards Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To consider and recommend to Council on matters such as:

    1.1. suitable candidates for the honorary awards of:

    (a) Honorary Degree;
    (b) Fellow of the University;
    (c) Fellow of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts; and
    (d) Emeritus Professor.

    1.2. the suitability of the existing suite of honorary awards described at 1.1, and proposals for new honorary awards.
    1.3. policy and guidelines governing the honorary awards described at 1.1, including, but not limited to:

    (a) selection criteria and eligibility;
    (b) nomination and selection procedures;
    (c) immediate award benefits (including format of testamurs);
    (d) use of postnominals; and
    (e) on-going entitlements of award holders.

  2. To liaise with appropriate officers of the University with a view to maximising positive publicity opportunities resulting from conferral of the honorary awards. described at 1.1.
  3. To ensure that full lists of recipients of the honorary awards described at 1.1 are maintained in an appropriate publicly accessible place. (usually the University internet site).
  4. To review from time to time all policies pertaining to the honorary awards described at 1.1 and to recommend amendments to Council as appropriate.
  5. To make decisions on matters delegated to the Committee by Council.

Membership and meetings

See downloads for more information on the membership and meeting schedule of the Honorary Awards Committee.

Agendas and minutes

To enquire about access to agendas and minutes from the Honorary Awards Committee please contact the Committee Secretary below.

Honorary Awards Committee Secretary
Ms Lyn Graham
Senior Adviser, University Governance
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 2627

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