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Advisory Board of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA Advisory Board)

Terms of Reference and Composition

Functions and Duties of the Advisory Board (Statute No 15, Section 2)

2.1  The WAAPA Advisory Board shall provide strategic advice to Council in relation to the Academy.

2.2  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the WAAPA Advisory Board may provide advice to Council or the University (as appropriate) on:

i.opportunities and mechanisms to promote the objects and interests of the Academy;

ii.enhancing community engagement and outreach activities of the Academy;

iii.opportunities to promote and enhance the reputation of the Academy; and

iv.any other matters referred to it by Council or the Executive Dean of the Academy for consideration.

2.3  The WAAPA Advisory Board shall provide advice and support to the ECU Foundation Board in the strategic planning and practical implementation of campaigns to raise funds for the Academy.

2.4   The WAAPA Advisory Board as a whole and its members individually shall have a general responsibility to act as advocates for the Academy in the broad community, with relevant government agencies and with other external organisations.

Composition (The Advisory Board of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts Rules, Section 2.1)

The Board shall consist of:

(i)  6 Community Members appointed by Council
(ii) The Vice-Chancellor (or nominee)
(iii) The Executive Dean of the Academy
(iv) A member of the staff of the Academy
(v) An enrolled student in a course administered by the Academy

Membership and meetings

See downloads for more information on the membership and meeting schedule of the WAAPA Advisory Board

Agendas and minutes

To enquire about access to agendas and minutes from the WAAPA Advisory Board, please contact the Board's Executive Officer:

Mrs Rajes Shenton
Adviser, University Governance
Strategic & Governance Services Centre
Telephone: (61 8) 6304-2453

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