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GMIEER conference stirs up debate on economic integration

Monday, 20 December 2010


Globalisation and regional economic integration was the topic of discussion at the recent GMIEER conference (Globalisation, Monetary Integration and Exchange Rate Regimes in East Asia), held last month at the Rendezvous Observation City Hotel in Scarborough.

The conference was an international joint initiative between Edith Cowan University and Yokohama National University in Japan. It attracted internationally recognised scholars and junior researchers to Perth, and generated debate on the issues of globalisation and regional economic integration in light of the recent financial and economic crisis.

Many of the sessions were chaired by Faculty of Business and Law staff from the School of Accounting, Finance and Economics, including:

  • Dr Clive Reynoldson;
  • Professor Dave Allen;
  • Professor Malcolm Smith;
  • Associate Professor Zhaoyong Zhang;
  • Dr Ghialy Yap;
  • Dr Margaret Giles;
  • Dr Shrabani Saha;
  • Dr Lee Lim;
  • Dr Yun Hsing Cheung; and 
  • Mr Atul Chandra.

Associate Professor Zhaoyong Zhang, the organiser of the conference, said that it provided a great opportunity for the university to become involved in discussions on a very current issue.

“Led by the rapidly growing Chinese economy, the East Asian region is forging closer economic ties than ever before, and remains the most dynamic region in the world. The social, economic, environmental and cultural implications of such an economic integration in the East Asian region would have an enormous impact world-wide.”

The conference also provided an opportunity for engaging with overseas universities, with a wide range represented, including the:

  • City University of Hong Kong;
  • National University of Singapore;
  • University of Macao;
  • Senshu University (Japan);
  • National Taiwan University;
  • University of Canterbury (New Zealand);
  • London School of Economics and Political Science;
  • University of Washington (USA);
  • Kangwon National University (South Korea);
  • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore); and
  • the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium).
Papers presented in the conference are currently being considered for publication in the industry journals The World Economy and The International Journal of Business Studies. These papers will be printed in special issues, one of which Associate Professor Zhaoyong Zhang will guest edit.

More information

For more information on the GMIEER conference, please contact:

Associate Professor Zhaoyong Zhang


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