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Rebecca Olsen reaches her potential

Rebecca Olsen reaches her potential

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Faculty of Business and Law student Rebecca Olsen has been busy making a name for herself during her years at ECU.

Due to complete her double degree in Business (Human Resource Management) and Psychology this year, she is currently balancing her studies with the development of her own small business, a venture called The Becoz Project.

The Becoz Project is focused on the physical and mental development of teenagers, through the delivery of health messages in a way that both engages and excites them. It features a ‘Body and Mind Program’ suitable for high schools, which will be a series of workshops with the aim of building the self-esteem of young women.

Rebecca has a history of good insight in the business field, having won the 2009 Business Icon Competition. The prestigious competition runs in the style of ‘The Apprentice’, and is for 18 to 25 year olds in WA. The Becoz Project was her winning concept.

She has also been a guest speaker at a number of business events, including 2010 Business Icon Competitions around Australia, the WA Women’s Symposium, the 2010 Creative Innovation Conference in Melbourne, and the recent Worldly Women Seminar held in Perth on International Women’s Day, where she addressed high school students on the importance of self-belief and following their dreams.

Rebecca regards both her studies and her passion for The Becoz Project as instrumental in her success.

“Building The Becoz Project is the most challenging and rewarding thing that I have ever done. As students, we need to understand that university gives us knowledge and skills in the field of our choice, but it is up to us to be creative and put them to use in a way that we feel is important,” she said.

The ‘Body and Mind Program’ is currently being piloted in two Perth schools.

More information

For more information on The Becoz Project, contact Rebecca Olsen:

Rebecca Olsen

For more information on student opportunities like the WA Business Icon Competition, contact the Faculty of Business and Law, Workplace Opportunities Coordinator:

Ms Janet Simmons
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5970


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