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Mr Arie Paap

PhD Project

The Development of a Microphotonic Sensor for Plant Discrimination

Research activity includes the development of an automated optical sensor based on spectral reflectance for plant detection and discrimination, testing the performance of this sensor under laboratory and conditions and measurement of the spectral reflectance properties of crops and weeds.


  • BSc. Honours (University of Western Australia, Australia), 1999

Recent Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Paap, A, Askraba, S, Alameh, K E, and Rowe, J, "Photonic-based spectral reflectance sensor for ground-based plant detection and weed discrimination," Opt. Express 16, 1051-1055 (2008)
  • Sahba,K, Alameh, K E, Smith, C L, and Paap, A, "Cylindrical quasi-cavity waveguide for static wide angle pattern projection," Opt. Express 15, 3023-3030 (2007)



PhD Student
Mr Arie Paap
Joondalup Campus: Building 8, Room 8.239
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5378 

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