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Photonic signal processing

Photonic-based radio frequency (RF) signal processors have many advantages including immunity to electromagnetic interference, flexibility, broadband capability and are light weight compared to RF signal processors implemented using electronic circuits. These advantages open new opportunities for a wide range of applications where high selectivity, resolution, wide tuneability, and fast reconfigurability characteristics are required.

At the Centre of Excellence in Microphotonic Systems, our researchers have successfully demonstrated the principle of a reconfigurable photonic RF signal processor employing a broadband optical source, a pair of arrayed waveguide gratings (AWG), an Opto-VLSI processor, a pair of high-dispersion fibres, and a balanced photo detector for the synthesis of arbitrarily RF responses through Opto-VLSI beam steering and multicasting as well as optical true-time delay generation.


Dr Budi Juswardy
Dr Feng Xiao
Professor Kamal Alameh

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