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Pest acoustic sensor networks

Pest acoustic sensor networks

This project uses remote sensors to detect sound created by pests such as European House Borer beetles, termites or any other pests, to alert people to their existence in particular locations. These sensors have been specifically customised to detect with high efficiency low volume sound generated by pests. This research is particularly challenging due to the remote capture of the sensors and real-time processing of this information for alerting and decision making.

As the number of remote sensors increases, the scaling up of information collection, processing and decision making tools becomes extremely complex. This research project particularly looks into scaling up and the generalisation of these remote sensors to detect other agriculturally relevant targets. This incorporates research into wireless mesh networks, data storage on remote sensors, multi-pipe data collection, and issues of analysis and storage associated with the use of central servers.


Associate Professor Adam Osseiran
Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia, Mr Dean Diepeveen
Dr Leisa Armstrong

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