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National Networked Tele-Test Facility

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The National Networked Tele-Test Facility provides a high quality service to our customers across Australia and internationally.

Our state-of-the-art test facility is located in Perth, Western Australia, where we offer test services to our Australian users. Our facility is also open to other users via remote access, using the difference in time zones around the globe.

Remote access places users virtually in front of the tester and gives them complete control, by:

  • user provides the load board for the DUT ICs and sends it with the chips to test (please contact the facility if you require help developing the load board);
  • chips are placed on the user provided load board on the tester head by the National Networked Tele-Test Facility team; then
  • user enters a password provided by the facility and starts testing.

The specifications of the daughter board are available from the central Perth facility.


The National Networked Tele-Test Facility maintains a unique environment to enhance any industry's competitive advantage through access to state-of-the-art test equipment.

You can fully characterise devices and better understand how they will react both functionally and thermally once packaged. Knowing this at the beginning of the design phase helps designers make better decisions for a superior performing end product.

IP validation

Our facility sets a benchmark for intellectual property validation with services like the ASIC design validation or the FPGA based board allowing users to perform a remote at-speed validation of IPs.

Validation time drops from days to a few minutes allowing further investigations of expected FPGA timing issues in a complex design under development.

Users will also be able to thoroughly investigate real board-level timing margins at the I/O before the system level board is developed.


The combined digital and analogue test capability make the National Networked Tele-Test Facility ideal for testing the most demanding systems on a chip comprising digital and mixed-signal functionalities.

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