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Adam Gartner's PhD passed

Thursday, 14 October 2010

  • Adam Gartner in the field

    Adam Gartner in the field

Congratulations to Adam Gartner who was recently advised that his PhD dissertation, titled 'Trophic Implications of Light Reductions for Amphibolis griffithii Seagrass Fauna' has been passed. Adam's work has extended our knowledge on the flow-on effects of seagrass loss to higher trophic levels and provides some compelling evidence that the impacts are significant, but not necessary consistent across different fauna. This produces complex flow effects for high trophic levels, and the modelling Adam has included in his thesis will be taken up as the way forward in predicting wider ecosystem effects of benthic primary producer habitat loss. Adam is now working at Oceanica Consulting and can be contacted at He will be presenting some of his PhD research at the upcoming WAMSI Postgraduate Students Symposium, being hosted by ECU on November 3.

Some of Adam's work was recently published in MEPS: Gartner A, Lavery PS, McMahon K, Brearley A, Barwick H (2010). Light reductions drive macroinvertebrate changes in Amphibolis griffithii seagrass habitat. Marine Ecology Progress Series 401: 87-100.


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