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Doors and Filters 2_002 Thumbnail

Doors and Filters II – by Sebastian Befumo and Rohan Sibon

Photographs from the Doors and Filters II exhibition by Sebastian Befumo and Rohan Sibon. Preview installation images taken at Free Range gallery in 2012.

Global Echo_008 Thumbnail

Global Echo - Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition, Various Artists

4 August 2011

Photographs from the Printmaking exhibition, Global Echo. Photos by Maggie Tang.

Imaginary Landscapes_010 Thumbnail

Imaginary Landscapes - Sound Spectrum by Ecuatorial 1 & 3 and Alethia

4 April 2012

Photographs from the Sound Spectrum show by Ecuatorial 1 & 3 and Alethia, Imaginary Landscapes. Photos by Kelsey Diamond.

You Circa You_016 Thumbnail

You Circa You - Nathan Peake

3 April 2012

Photographs from Nathan Peake's contemporary exhibition, You Circa You. Photos by Kelsey Diamond.

Cup City_010 Thumbnail

Cup City - Kevin Ballantine

28 March 2012

Photographs from Kevin Ballantine's photographic exhibition, Cup City. Photos by Kelsey Diamond.

convergence_003 Thumbnail

Convergence - Photomedia Students in Bangladesh Exhibition

26 March 2012

Photographs from the Photomedia Staff and Students trip to Bangladesh exhibition, Convergence. Photos by Kelsey Diamond.

posted_014 Thumbnail

Posted - Donna Franklin, Nathan Peake, Sally Stewart and Talhy Stolzer

30 September 2011

Photos from the 2011 'Posted' exhibition by Donna Franklin, Nathan Peake, Sally Stewart and Talhy Stolzer. Photos by Maggie Tang.

reticent_and_askew_05 Thumbnail

Reticent and Askew - Contemporary Fashion Graduate Show 2011

16 December 2011

Photos from the 2011 Contemporary Fashion graduate show 'Reticent and Askew'. Photos by Colin White.

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