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Dean's Welcome

Welcome everyone to the School of Arts & Humanities here at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. My name is Clive Barstow and I have the privilege to be the Executive Dean of one of the largest and most comprehensive schools of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Arts & Humanities is made up of more than 5000 students at undergraduate and post graduate levels supported by over 300 staff, many of which bring industry and international experience to our teaching and research. At our undergraduate level we offer over 40 courses or major disciplines, many of which are nationally or internationally accredited. This large and varied mix of disciplines are grouped under the 5 main subject areas of Arts, Design, Media & Communications, Psychology & Criminology and the Social Sciences. Built on these disciplines we also offer honours, Masters and PhD degrees that enable students to study in greater depth or to create new knowledge in the field.

The common factors that all these disciplines share are those of empathy and creativity. While Psychology and the Social Sciences investigate the human mind and how this knowledge can be applied to improve or make safer our communities in areas like mental health, social justice and wellbeing, the arts focus on how the creative and intuitive mind can contribute to society in terms of our imagination, and how this can offer alternative insights into our human condition through exhibitions, publications and through the media.

Collectively, the arts and humanities question what it means to be human, through which we make a major contribution to a better, deeper and more valuable life both now and in the future.

World-class facilities

ECU has made a major commitment to the arts through investment in multimillion dollar Arts and Humanities facilities. The re-housing of the design, photography and media studios, and new broadcasting studios, along with the refurbishment of the visual art and fashion areas, provides world-class facilities for staff, students and researchers. View our facilities here.

A smooth transition

The school delivers programs that offer exciting professional and vocational opportunities, and more importantly, the ability to engage at a deeper level through lifelong learning, in subjects that make a significant long-term contribution to our national and cultural identity. Our course structures are designed to encourage both focused and inter-disciplinary pathways of study, and are supported by internationally-recognised academic and support staff. Find out more about our courses here.

Linking graduates with industry

Through our close links with industry professionals we ensure our courses and teaching is always relevant and up-to-date. Our students have been highly successful, both nationally and internationally, in gaining recognition through awards, competitions and employment in a rapidly growing and increasingly competitive market. Find out more about our community programs and our graduate and creativity exhibitions.

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