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On fate and love

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

  • On fate and love - Catherine Gomersall

    Image courtesy of Catherine Gomersall “Lamp’ still image, 2012

Gomersall’s works are about love, about the absurdity of falling in and out of it. In a state of romantic distress following the end of a romantic relationship, a break-up can feel like the end of the world, an idea that can then be further exaggerated to be akin to the end of existence altogether.

In this sense a break-up can prompt philosophical questions of existence and the origin of human beings. Gomersall situates love within the context of our worldly materialism and respond to the notion that intimate relationships end in waste something that is found at the end of the world. Her subjects are optimistic about finding new love and seek it with the most absurd of partners.

Catherine Gomersall is an artist/curator/educator based in Brisbane. She completed her PhD, On Fate and Fatalism: Photography and Fatal Theories from Edith Cowan University last year and she is currently participating in an intensive collaborative curatorial residency in Berlin. Her current studio research interests are in the expansion of photography into other modes of expression as well as the expansion of the social project of the art gallery into the public.

'On fate and love' runs from 5 July until 21 July at Spectrum Project Space.


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