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Associate Professor Rodney Giblett

Associate Professor

Contact Information Telephone: (61 8) 9370 6051, Email:, Campus: Mount Lawley, Room: ML3.233
Staff Member Details
Telephone: (61 8)  9370 6051  
Campus: Mount Lawley  
Room: ML3.233  


Staff Qualifications

  • PhD, Murdoch University, 1989 .
  • Master of Arts, The University of Sydney, 1982 .
  • Bachelor of Arts, The University of Western Australia, 1977 .


Recent Research Grants

  • Reimagining Perth's Lost Wetlands,  Edith Cowan University,  ECU Industry Collaboration Grant - 2014 (Round 2),  2014 - 2015,  $60,387.
  • Miners and Dealers: An Ethnographic Study of An International Trade,  Edith Cowan University,  ECU Early Career Researcher Grant - 2013,  2013,  $14,779.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)


  • Giblett, R., (2013), Black Swan Lake: Life of a Wetland. Cultural Studies of Natures, Landscapes and Environments , 208, Bristol, UK.
  • Giblett, R., (2013), Traces of an Active and Contemplative Life 1983-2013., 166, Champaign, Illinois.
  • Giblett, R., Tolonen, J., (2012), Photography and Landscape. Critical Photography, 255, Bristol, UK.
  • Giblett, R., (2011), People and Places of Nature and Culture. Cultural Studies of Natures, Landscapes and Environments series, 278, Bristol. UK.
  • Giblett, R., (2009), Landscapes of Culture and Nature., 240, United Kingdom.

Book Chapters

  • Giblett, R., (2013), Falling off the End of the World: The Luddites and Australia: Background and Context. Traces of an Active and Contemplative Life: 1983-2013, 121-124, Champaign, Illinois.
  • Giblett, R., (2013), Family Trees: Jarrah, Karri and the Gibletts of Manjimup. Traces of an Active and Contemplative Life 1983-2013, 125-130, Champaign, Illinois.
  • Giblett, R., (2013), Applied Environmental Education and Communication: The Teaching-Research Nexus with Environmental Activism. Traces of an Active and Contemplative Life 1983-2013, 135-141, Champaign, Illinois.

Journal Articles

  • Giblett, R., (2013), A City 'Set in Malarial Lakeside Swamps': Toronto and Ashbridge's Bay Marsh. TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, N/A(29), 113-132, Canada.
  • Giblett, R., (2013), New Orleans: A disaster waiting to happen?. MC: A Journal of Media and Culture, 16(1), N/A, Australia.
  • Giblett, R., (2012), Nature is Ordinary Too: Raymond Williams as the Founder of Ecocultural Studies. Cultural Studies, 26(6), 922-933, DOI: 10.1080/09502386.2012.707221.
  • Giblett, R., (2009), Terrifying Prospects and Resources of Hope: Minescapes, Timescapes and the Aesthetics of the Future. Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, 23(6), 781-789, DOI: 10.1080/10304310902985287.
  • Giblett, R., (2009), The Tao of Water. Landscapes, 3(2), 11p., Mt Lawley.
  • Giblett, R., (2009), Wilderness to wasteland in the photography of the American west. Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, 23(1), 43-52, London, DOI: 10.1080/10304310802570866.

Research Student Supervision

Principal Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Representation And Symbolic Politics In Indonesia: An Analysis Of Billboard Advertising In The Legislative Assembly Election Of 2009.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Photography And The Medium: A Photographic Dialogue In China..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Death's Laughter.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Plants, People And Place: Cultural Botany And The Southwest Australian Flora.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  The Cultural Construction Of Hepatitis C In Australia: Metaphors, Discourse And Personal Narratives..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Improving The Aesthetic And Other Experiential Design Aspects Of Bicycle Paths In Western Australia.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Alive In Death Bataillean Eroticism In The 60s Gothic Cinema Of Mario Bava.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Women's Magazine Editors: Our Story Tellers And Their Cultural Roles. .
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  The Vague Terrain Of Disused Industrial Spaces..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Wet, Wild And Convivial: Past, Present And Future Contributions Of Australia's Ocean Pools To Surf, Beach, Pool And Body Cultures And Recreational Coasts.
  • Master of Arts (Media Studies),  Kodak's Worst Nightmare: Super 8 In The Digital Age..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Rock Stories: The Discourse Of Rocks And Rock-collecting..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Meaning And Emotion In Ffy: Re-theorising Realism And Indentification In Video Games.

Co-principal Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Swamp, Walking The Wetlands Of The Swan Coastal Plain, With The Exegesis 'a Walk In The Anthropocene'..

Associate Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Photography And The Paradigm Of The Trace..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Uncertain Surrenders: The Coextistence Of Beauty And Menace In The Maternal Bond And Photography.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Film As Fairy Tale..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  A Study Of Graffiti As Communication In Universities In Thailand..
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