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Professor Brian Shoesmith

Honorary Professor

Contact Information Email:,
Staff Member Details


Staff Qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Murdoch University, 1988 .
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours, The University of Western Australia, 1976 .
  • Teachers Certificate, Claremont Teachers College, 1959 .

Recent Publications (within the last five years)


  • Shoesmith, B., (2013), Bangladesh's Changing Mediascape., -, Intellect Ltd.

Book Chapters

  • Genilo, JW., Bhowmick, B., Shoesmith, B., (2013), Radio in Bangladesh: Growth, Decline and Transformation. Bangladesh's Changing Mediascape: From State Control to Market Forces, 55-78, Bristol, UK.
  • Shoesmith, B., Mahmud, S., Reza, SM., (2013), A political history of television in Bangladesh. Bangladesh's Changing Mediascape: From State Control to Market Forces, 237-255, Bristol, UK.
  • Shoesmith, B., Genilo, JW., (2013), Bangladesh's Changing Mediascape: An Introduction. Bangladesh's Changing Mediascape: From State Control to Market Forces, 1-13, Bristol, UK.
  • Shoesmith, B., Mahmud, S., (2013), From Few to Many Voices: An overview of Bangladesh's media. Bangladesh's Changing Mediascape: From State Control to Market Forces, 15-32, Bristol, UK.

Research Student Supervision

Principal Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Thai Popular Music: National Identity And Nationalism In Thai Popular Music..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  A Study Of Graffiti As Communication In Universities In Thailand..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Processual Media Theory And The Politics Of Information..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Abrogated Identity: Muslim Representation In Hindi Popular Cinema, 1947-1997..

Associate Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Charismatic Televangelism In India: A Case Study Of Christian Broadcasting Network's Impact On The Church And Community In India..
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