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Dr Kayt Davies

Dr Kayt Davies

Senior Lecturer

Contact Information Telephone: (61 8) 9370 6908, Email:, Campus: Mount Lawley, Room: ML3.227
Staff Member Details
Telephone: (61 8)  9370 6908  
Campus: Mount Lawley  
Room: ML3.227  



  • Doctor of Philosophy, Edith Cowan University, 2009.
  • Master of Philosophy, Murdoch University, 2004.
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours, Edith Cowan University, 1996.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Book Chapters

  • Davies, K., (2014), Citizen Journalism in Indonesia's Disputed Territories: Life on the New Media Frontline. Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives, 2(26), 243-258, New York, USA.
  • Davies, K., (2013), Industrial Relations. Journalism Research and Investigation in a Digital World , 297-304, Melbourne.

Journal Articles

  • Davies, K., (2015), Cloud Forest: Court battles and competing narratives: Solomon Islands research journalism case study. Pacific Journalism Review, 21(1), 241-258, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Hanusch, F., Clifford, K., Davies, K., English, P., Fulton, J., Lindgren, M., O'Donnell, P., Price, J., Richards, I., Zion, L., (2015), Australian journalism students' professional views and news consumption: results from a representative study. Australian Journalism Review , 37(1), 5-19, Adelaide, SA.
  • Davies, K., (2015), Journalism Research in Academia: The Door is Already Open. Asia Pacific Media Educator, 25(1), 48-54, New Delhi, India, DOI: 10.1177/1326365X15575570.
  • Crawford, E., Davies, K., (2014), The International Protection of Journalists in Times of Armed Conflict: The Campaign for a Press Emblem. Wisconsin International Law Journal, 32(1), 1-36, United States.
  • Davies, K., (2014), Tracking Onslow: taking journalism out of the classroom and the newsroom. Journalism Education, 3(1), 88-101, UK.
  • Davies, K., (2014), Evaluating an online numeracy tutorial program for use with journalism students. Australian Journalism Review, 36(1), 69-84, Adelaide.
  • Davies, K., (2014), HRECs and journalism research: The uneven playing field.  Pacific Journalism Review, 20(1), 99-116, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Davies, K., Crawford, E., (2013), Legal Avenues for Ending Impunity for the Death of Journalists in Conflict Zones: Current and Proposed International Agreements. International Journal of Communication, 7(1), 2157?2177, United States.
  • Davies, K., (2012), Safety vs credibility: West Papua Media and the challenge of protecting sources in dangerous places. Pacific Journalism Review, 18(1), 69-82, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Davies, K., (2012), Digital Games in Journalism Education, Evaluating a Police and Journalism Joint Training Initiative. Asia Pacific Media Educator, 22(1), 43-54, New Delhi, DOI: 101177/1326365X1202200105.
  • Davies, K., (2011), Journalism as research within the framework of academic ethics. Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics, 12(1), 70-79, Charles Sturt University.
  • Davies, K., (2011), Journalism and HRECs: From square pegs to squeaky wheels. Pacific Journalism Review, 17(1), 157-174, Pacific Medai Centre Teamokura.

Creative Works

  • Davies, K., (2014), Saving the Solomons' cloud forest. New Internationalist (also New Matilda, NZ Scoop, Pacific Scoop, Solomon Star, CPA Guardian, Pacific Media Centre), Online, Oxford, U.K. et al.
  • Davies, K., (2013), Journalism teaches the public about science, but who?s teaching the journalists?. The Conversation, Melbourne/Online 24 June.
  • Davies, K., (2013), Why is the media so quiet on protecting journalists and other civilians in warzones?. The Conversation, Melbourne/Online.
  • Davies, K., (2012), Wests a World Apart In Bloody Bid For Freedom. The West Australian, Perth, also online.
  • Davies, K., (2012), Australian Media only tells half the story about West Papua. The Conversation, Australia, and online.
  • Davies, K., (2012), Closing the gap, or making it wider? Putting a value on Indigenous jobs. The Conversation, Melbourne.
  • Davies, K., Medley, S., Haddad, H., (2012), HD Magazine - Health Edition Design and Journalism. HD Magazine Health Edition (HD4), Perth, WA, and online.
  • Davies, K., (2011), Enough Porkies: when will the stalling in WA be over?., Melbourne.
  • Haddad, H., Medley, S., Davies, K., Mason, A., (2011), HD Magazine: Science Edition - art direction. HD Magazine: Science Edition, Perth , WA.
  • Davies, K., (2011), Undermining and underpaying "local reporters". The DRUM Opinion, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Haddad, H., Medley, S., Davies, K., (2011), HD Magazine: Pacific Politics Edition - art direction. HD Magazine: Pacific Politics Edition, Perth WA.
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