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Consultative committees

Our committee members reflect the interest and makeup of the School, as well as serving to provide the impetus for various initiatives, activities and events.

Computing and Security Science Courses Consultative Committee

  • Committee Chair, Woodside Energy, Ms Robyn Hernaman
  • ASM Magazine, AMLEC House Principal, Mr Chris Cubbage
  • Technology Crime Services WA Police, Mr Dan Blackman
  • Landgate, Mr David Dans
  • CingleVue Intl, Mr Dmitry Nefedov
  • Sharon Brown & Associates, Ms Sharon Brown
  • Department of Defence, Ms Su-en Williams
  • Poplin, Mr Tony Rosser
  • CCS-Alliance, Mr Kerran Campbell
  • WA Department of Corrective Services, Ms Emily Roper
  • ECU, A/Prof Paul Haskell-Dowland
  • ECU, Dr Justin Brown
  • ECU, A/Prof Peng Lam
  • ECU, Ms Amanda East
  • ECU, Mr Garrhett Thomas

Joint Science Courses Consultative Committee

  • Committee Chair, Bamford Consulting Ecologists, Mr Mike Bamford
  • Office of the Environmental Protection Authority, Ms Bridget Hyder
  • Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, Dr Eric Bunn
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital, Dr Jacky Bentel
  • UWA, Dr Ric How
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife, Dr Tony Friend
  • Alcoa of Australia Ltd, Dr Andrew Grigg
  • Forest Products Commission, Dr Andrew Lyon
  • Golder Associates Pty Ltd, Ms Helen Tanner
  • Perth Natural Resource Management, Ms Lisa Potter
  • Solais Geoinformatics, Dr Mark Garkaklis
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Mr Philip Savory
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife, Mr Adrian Pinder
  • Department of Fisheries WA, Dr Brett Molony
  • Teal Solutions Pty Ltd, Dr Bruce Hegge
  • Department of Fisheries WA, Ms Victoria Aitken
  • ECU, Prof Ray Froend
  • ECU, A/Prof Glenn Hyndes
  • ECU, Dr Justin Brown
  • ECU, Dr Kristina Lemson
  • ECU, Dr Eddie van Etten
  • ECU, Dr Quinton Burnham
  • ECU, Dr Anna Hopkins
  • ECU, Dr Johnny Lo

Sustainability Course Consultative Committee

  • Committee Chair, Hauck and Associates, Ed Hauck
  • North Metropolitan TAFE, Ms Gun Dolva
  • Aegle Sustainability, Ms Lena Geraghty
  • Housing Authority WA, Ms Louise Avon-Smith
  • Vital Options Consulting, Mr Peter Curry
  • Government Relations, Mr Rob Weymouth
  • Retired Main Roads, Mr Tony Missikos
  • Synergy, Ms Tristy Fairfield
  • ECU, Prof Pierre Horwitz
  • ECU, Dr Justin Brown
  • ECU, Dr Noel Nannup
  • ECU, Dr Marianne Dahle
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