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Consultative committees

Our committee members reflect the interest and makeup of the School, as well as serving to provide the impetus for various initiatives, activities and events.

Computer and Security Science Consultative Committee

  • Committee Chair, Australia Computer Society, Mr Jim Owens
  • Royal Automotive Club of WA (Inc), Mr Sean O'Brien
  • Office of the Auditor General, Mr Peter Bouhlas
  • School of Science representative, Dr Justin Brown
  • Student representative, Mr Clinton Carpene
  • Information Security Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd, Ms Janine Douglas
  • Asterisk - Information Security, Mr Christian Frichot
  • State Intelligence, WA Police, Mr Vincent Hughes
  • Secure Systems, Mr Peter James
  • National Archives of Australia, Mr Alan Ralph
  • Applied Integrity Solutions, Mr Shayne Sherman
  • Karawara LPO, Mr Joshua Stuart
  • School of Science representative, Associate Professor Trish Williams
  • Dean of School of Science, Associate Professor Andrew Woodward
  • IBM, Mr Mark Shewell

Conservation and Wildlife Biology and Biological Sciences Conservation Course Committee

  • Committee Chair, Bamford Consulting Ecologists, Mr Mike Bamford
  • Royal Perth Hospital, Dr Jackie Bentel
  • Western Australian Museum of Natural Science, Dr Ric How
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife, Dr Tony Friend
  • Office of the Environmental Protection Authority, Ms Bridget Hyder
  • Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, Dr Erin Bunn
  • Dr Kristina Lemson
  • Associate Professor Andrea Hinwood

Environmental Course Consultative Committee

  • Committee Chair, Department of Agriculture and Food, Mr John Ruprecht
  • Alcoa of Australia Ltd, Dr Andrew Grigg
  • Astron Environmental Services, Dr Mark Garkaklis
  • Forest Products Commission, Dr Andrew Lyon
  • Future Smart Strategies, Professor Ray Wills
  • Golder Associates Pty Ltd, Ms Helen Tanner
  • Dr Kristina Lemson
  • Associate Professor Andrea Hinwood

Marine and Freshwater Course Consultative Committee

  • Committee Chair, Department of Water, Ms Susan Worley
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife, Mr Adrian Pinder
  • WA Fisheries and Marine Research, Mr Brett Molony
  • BMT Oceanica Pty Ltd, Dr Bruce Hegge
  • Dr Kristina Lemson
  • Associate Professor Andrea Hinwood

Mathematics Consultative Committee

  • Committee Chair, Ms Robyn Robertson, Quinns Baptists
  • Retired Consultant, Mr Neil Sumner
  • Discipline Coordinator (Mathematics), Dr Steven Richardson
  • Data Analysis Australia, Mr John Dickson
  • AMEC, Mr Mark Murphy
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Mr Phil Savory
  • Associate Professor Ute Mueller
  • Student representative, Miss Ailin Guan

Sustainability Course Consultative Committee

  • Committee Co-Chair, Vital Options Consulting (Syringa Pty Ltd), Peter Curry
  • Committee Co-Chair, Edith Cowan University, Professor Pierre Horwitz
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Ms Honi Adolphson
  • BIS Industries, Ms Louise Avon-Smith
  • MayC Consulting, Dr May Carter
  • Retired Main Roads, Infrastructure Delivery Directorate, Mr Tony Missikos
  • Central Institute of Technology, Ms Gun Dolva
  • Dr Marianne Dahle
  • Edith Cowan University, Dr Noel Nannup
  • Self-employed. Formerly WALGA, Mr Rob Weymouth
  • Department of Water, Mr Ed Hauck
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