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Consultative Committees

Our committee members reflect the interest and makeup of the School, as well as serving to provide the impetus for various initiatives, activities and events.

Computing and Security Science Courses Consultative Committee

  • Committee Chair, Woodside Energy, Ms Robyn Hernaman
  • Deputy Chair, Sharon Brown & Associates, Ms Sharon Brown
  • Department of Education, Mr David Dans
  • JourneyOne PTY LTD, Mr Dmitry Nefedov
  • CCS-Alliance, Mr Kerran Campbell
  • Chairman of the WA Chapter of the ACS Foundation, Mr Tony Watson
  • Western Australian Police (WAPOL), Greg Snader - Technical Advisory
  • Australian Computer Society, Branch Executive Committee Member, Mathew Moncrieff
  • ECU, AD Computer Security Discipline A/Prof Paul Haskell-Dowland
  • ECU, AD Teaching and Learning A/Prof Dr Justin Brown
  • ECU, A/Prof Peng Lam (Proxy is A/Prof Martin Masek)
  • ECU, Tarun Patel - ECU Student Representative
  • ECU, Aleatha Shanley - ECU Lecturer, Computing & Security

Joint Science Courses Consultative Committee

  • Committee Chair, Bamford Consulting Ecologists, Mr Mike Bamford
  • Office of the Environmental Protection Authority, Ms Bridget Hyder
  • Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, Dr Eric Bunn
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital, Dr Jacky Bentel
  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Dr Tony Friend
  • Alcoa of Australia Ltd, Dr Andrew Grigg
  • Forest Products Commission, Dr Andrew Lyon
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Mr Philip Savory
  • Teal Solutions Pty Ltd, Dr Bruce Hegge
  • Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Ms Victoria Aitken
  • ChemCentre, Dr John Coumbaros
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Mr John Dickson
  • Perth Region Natural Resource Management Inc., Mr Paul Bodlovich
  • Western Australian Museum, Dr Kenny Travouillon
  • ECU, Associate Dean Science Prof Ray Froend
  • ECU, AD Teaching and Learning A/Prof Dr Justin Brown
  • ECU, Dr Anna Hopkins
  • ECU, A/Prof Annette Koenders
  • ECU, Dr Harriet Mills
  • ECU, Dr Johnny Lo
  • ECU, A/Prof Kathryn McMahon
  • ECU, Michelle Austin
  • ECU, Dr Rob Davis
  • ECU, Dr Steven Richardson

Sustainability Course Consultative Committee

  • Committee Chair, Hauck and Associates, Ed Hauck
  • North Metropolitan TAFE, Ms Gun Dolva
  • Aegle Sustainability, Ms Lena Barnes
  • Housing Authority WA, Ms Louise Avon-Smith
  • Government Relations, Mr Robert Weymouth
  • CassariGroup Ltd, Mr Antony Missikos
  • Carnegie Clean Energy, Ms Tristy Fairfield
  • ECU, Dr Dave Blake - Course Coordinator
  • ECU, AD Teaching and Learning A/Prof Dr Justin Brown
  • ECU, Dr Noel Nannup
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