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Fish habitat linkages

This project aims to assess the importance of different near-shore marine habitats to important fishery species in a number of locations throughout Australia. Since urban and industrial development can have a significant impact on coastal habitats, it is crucial to gain an understanding on the potential flow-on effect of the removal of coastal vegetation to higher order consumers. This is important, not only for a biodiversity and ecosystem integrity perspective, but also for the sustainability of fisheries based on species that use coastal areas as habitats. The project is using carbon, nitrogen and sulphur stable isotopes to examine the flow of nutrients up the food chain to economically important fish species, such as King George whiting. It is being conducted in three states along the south coast of Australia. In Western Australia, it is being conducted in Oyster Harbour and Princess Royal Harbour near Albany.


Associate Professor Glenn Hyndes
Mr Jason How
Jeremy Hindell
Marine and Freshwater Systems, Victoria, Gregory Jenkins
Griffith University, Professor Rod Connolly

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