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Improving capacity to predict impacts of dredging - modelling light and seagrass responses

This project is an Edith Cowan University Industry Collaboration Grant with industry partners Oceanica Pty Ltd. The aim is to use innovative techniques to model light reaching seagrass meadows and develop this into a tool to predict and manage impacts of light reduction events. Dredging for construction and maintenance of ports is crucial for maintaining Australia’s export industry, 20% of our gross domestic product. However, dredging occurs in marine areas highly valued for their ecosystem services and often results in impacts to seagrass meadows due to reduced light. Improved capacity to predict the impacts of dredging is significant for permitting the on-going development of the export sector as well as protecting the environment from related unacceptable impacts.


Dr Kathryn McMahon
ARGANS Ltd, Dr John Hedley
Curtin University, Dr Peter Fearns
Oceanica Pty Ltd, Dr Luke Twomey
Oceanica Pty Ltd, Dr Mark Westera
Oceanica Pty Ltd, Dr Karen Hillman

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