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Population dynamics of tropical seagrass meadows

Project description

The Pilbara region of Western Australia is a hub for industrial activity, particularly ports and infrastructure servicing the oil and gas and mining sector.  Seagrasses are susceptible to dredging pressures but there is very limited information on the population dynamics of seagrasses in the region. Site specific information on seagrass meadow characteristics will be explored to improve our ability to predict the impacts of dredging-related pressures and will include variation between the sites. It is important to determine the natural spatial and temporal variability that occurs through the examination of species present, abundance and habitat characteristics at each site leading to better understanding of where key species or ecological communities or critical processes may be particularly vulnerable to dredging pressures. Information will then be used in management planning such as establishing optimum time of year to dredge to minimize impacts to seagrass meadows.

Funding agency

CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
Western Australian Marine Science Institution

Project duration



Professor Paul Lavery
Dr Kathryn McMahon
Rosin McCallum (ECU)
DrMat VanderKlift (CSIRO)

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