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Predicting effects of climate change on seagrasses

Dr Kathryn McMahon with collaborators Dr Pippa Moore and Professor Peter Ralph was awarded an Early Career Research Grant from ECU to assess the effects of climate change, in particular increased temperature and ocean acidification, on seagrasses. Climate change is impacting many ecosystems globally. Understanding which ecosystems are likely to be impacted requires knowledge of their resilience to climate change stressors. Globally seagrasses are an important ecosystem, providing ecosystem services of ~ US$19 000 ha-1 yr-1, yet very little is known on how seagrasses will respond to climate change. This study aims to improve the understanding of the resilience of seagrasses to the synergistic effects of elevated temperature and ocean acidification, two key stressors associated with climate change. This will improve our capacity to predict the effects of climate change on this ecologically important ecosystem.


Dr Kathryn McMahon
Aberystwyth University, Dr Pippa Moore
University of Technology Sydney, Professor Peter Ralph

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