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Design and Implement an evaluation of the Rural-In-Reach Program

This is a three-year project commencing in January 2013.

The Rural-In-Reach program aims to make the operations of Women’s Health and Family Services available to women in rural and remote areas of Western Australia via video conferencing through local Community Resource Centres. Women’s Health and Family Services was established to access and engage poor and marginalised women in health and welfare services. In this context distance adds another dimension of marginalisation.

This evaluation will use practical participatory evaluation methods throughout to enhance relevance, ownership and utilisation both of the evaluation and of the program. These methods fit with the values that underpin the agency. The evaluation will be in three parts the first part will focus on process, the second on impact and the third on outcomes, each part will submit a report and recommendations. In the final six months of the project the evaluation will focus on the extent to which process, impact and outcome reports have influenced the roll out of Rural In-Reach.


Ms Francesca Roberston
Professor Colleen Hayward
Dr Judy Esmond

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