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LabRats is a community engagement initiative for Years 10 and 11 secondary school students conducted at ECU's Joondalup Campus. This annual event provides an opportunity for students to visit the campus and participate in several hands-on science workshops.

Important Information

The event runs during the last week of the third school term. Each day consists of workshops run across a four-hour session that includes lunch for all students, teachers, ECU staff and students assisting the program.

How it works

If your school is considering a visit to us for the first time, then you may want a greater understanding about this program. These workshops are arranged in no particular cluster of subjects, which means that participating schools sign up for their preferred day and get allocated a cluster of workshops. We deliberately intend to provide a wide range of science related workshops, opening students' minds to the variety of science-based activities.

Sample school group itinerary

  • 9.15am-9.30am: Schools arrive
  • 9.30am-10.00am: Welcome and introduction
  • 10.05am-11.05am: WORKSHOP 1 – Robotics (School of Engineering)
  • 11.10am-12.10 noon: WORKSHOP 2 – Football Science (School of Medical & Health Sciences)
  • 12.15pm-12.45pm: Lunch
  • 12.50pm-1.50pm: WORKSHOP 3 – Chemical Forensics (School of Science)
  • 1.55pm-2.25pm: Student Recruitment Presentation
  • 2.30pm: Farewell

Further Information and FAQs

How much does it cost for a school group to attend?

This event is free to participating schools. There should be no costs incurred by participating secondary schools.

Are there a maximum number of young people ECU can accommodate for LabRats?

Most ECU laboratories can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 22 young people. For this reason we recommend that attending school groups adhere to his number as their guide.

Are we permitted to register multiple school groups for LabRats?

ECU would like to provide the opportunity to a variety of schools to attend LabRats. With this in mind, the registration of multiple school groups will be done by special request. Multiple school groups will only be registered to attend if ECU is unable to fill the allocated spaces. For special requests please contact us.

Are teachers required to be present?


Are there any additional resources that my school needs to bring along?

No, there are no additional resources required.

Will my school be required to wear a uniform?

Yes, please ensure that your school attends wearing their school uniforms. Students and Teachers are also required to wear closed shoes otherwise lab entry may be denied.

Are there bus subsidies available?

ECU will do even better than that… we’ll pay for the cost of the bus service to collect your school group from school and return your group. You are not responsible for booking the bus, and all buses will leave campus once they have dropped you off.

What is an ‘ECU Ambassador’?

An ECU Ambassador is a current ECU student whose primary responsibility is to support your school group for the duration of their stay on campus. Your student ambassador will meet your school group on arrival, and will escort your school group to the bus on your departure. ECU Ambassadors will be familiar with the campus, and will escort your group between workshops and to morning tea. Your ambassador will be a good source of information on university life, so please encourage your school group to ask as many questions as possible.

Will I need photograph consent forms?

Photograph consent forms are optional for attending schools, although ECU will encourage every school to provide these. ECU would love to develop a photo gallery that documents your schools LabRats journey. In addition, there may be opportunities for school group photos. In order to allow photography by ECU, we will need signed ‘Photograph Consent Forms for Minors’. ECU is happy to share these photos with registered schools

If you have any further queries about the LabRats program please contact the School of Science.


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