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Dr Majid Rad

Senior Lecturer

Contact Information Telephone: +61 8 6304 5883, Email:, Campus: Joondalup, Room: JO5.246
Staff Member Details
Telephone: +61 8 6304 5883
Facsimile: +61 8 6304 5811
Campus: Joondalup  
Room: JO5.246  


Majid is a Senior Lecturer in Engineering within the School of Engineering.

Current Teaching

  • ENS2110/ENS5110 Materials and Manufacturing 2
  • ENS3260/ENS5261 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Systems
  • ENS4442/ENS5442 Robotics


  • Dr. Majid Rad has served as an Engineer within industry before pursuing his graduate studies and undertaking an academic career. He has worked for reputable universities in Iran, Canada, and Australia.

Awards and Recognition

University and National Teaching Awards

  • 2011 – Faculty of Computing, Health and Science Grant (ECU). $10,000


  • 2010 – Professional Development Award from Perth Conventional Bureau (PCB). $5,000

Research Areas and Interests

  • Robotics and automation
  • Manufacturing processes and systems
  • Processing of engineering materials
  • CAD-based fixture/machine design
  • Design of modular special purpose machines
  • Design and implementation of robots
  • Heat treatment analysis of metallic materials


  • Bachelor of Science, Iran.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of South Australia, 1997.
  • Master of Engineer, University of Wollongong, 1993.


Recent Research Grants

  • Returning Western Australian Characterisation Capabilities to the Cutting Edge: High resolution analytical transmission electron microscopy,  Australian Research Council,  Grant - Linkage (Infrastructure),  2013 - 2014,  $2,652,000.
  • A world class, high resolution scanning electron microscopy facility for West Australian researchers,  Australian Research Council,  Grant - Linkage (Infrastructure),  2013,  $1,349,000.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Book Chapters

  • Tolouei Rad, M., (2012), Intelligent analysis of utilization of special purpose machines for drilling operations. Intelligent Systems, 297-320, Croatia, DOI: 10.5772/2350.

Journal Articles

  • Vafadarshamasbi, A., Tolouei Rad, M., Hayward, K., (2016), New cost model for feasibility analysis of utilising special purpose machine tools. International Journal of Production Research, Article in press(Article in press), 1-15, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2016.1181283.
  • Farhan, U., Tolouei Rad, M., Osseiran, A., (2016), Use of AHP in decision-making for machine tool configurations. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 27(6), 874-888, Bingley, UK, DOI: 10.1108/JMTM-02-2016-0028.
  • Vafadarshamasbi, A., Tolouei Rad, M., Hayward, K., Abhary, K., (2016), Technical feasibility analysis of utilizing special purpose machine tools. Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 39(2016), 53?62, DOI: 10.1016/j.jmsy.2016.02.003.
  • Tolouei Rad, M., Lichter, E., (2016), The heat treatment analysis of E110 case hardening steel. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 11(3), 407 - 415, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Altaweel, A., Tolouei Rad, M., (2014), Effect of quenching media, specimen size and shape on the hardenability of AISI 4140 steel. Emirates Journal for Engineering Research, 19(2), 33-39, United Arab Emirates.
  • Farhan, U., Tolouei Rad, M., (2013), An integrated approach to assembling and automating modular fixtures design. Emirates Journal for Engineering Research, 18(1), 19-24.
  • Khusheef, A., Kothapalli, G., Tolouei Rad, M., (2013), Vision-based relocation of objects using a mobile robot. Emirates Journal for Engineering Research, 18(2), 1-16.
  • Farhan, U., Tolouei Rad, M., O'Brien, S., (2012), An automated approach for assembling modular fixture using SolidWorks. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 72(1), 394-397.
  • Tolouei Rad, M., Dhull, A., (2012), Design of modular robotic joints for achieving various robot configurations. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 72(1), 207-211.
  • Tolouei Rad, M., Shah, A., (2012), Development of a methodology for processing of drilling operations. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 72(December), 202-206.
  • Farhan, U., O'Brien, S., Tolouei Rad, M., (2012), SolidWorks Secondary Development with Visual Basic 6 for an Automated Modular Fixture Assembly Approach. International Journal of Engineering, 6(6), 290-304, Kuala Lumour, Malaysia.

Research Student Supervision

Principal Supervisor

  • Master of Engineering Science,  Intelligent Computer-aided Modular Fixture Design System For Machining Semi-circular Parts.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Characterising The Deformation Behaviour Of Human Tooth Enamel At The Microscale.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Bio-inspired Surface Engineering For Hydrophobicity.
  • Implementation Of Group Technology In A Manufacturing Firm
  • 3d Body Bone Modeling Using 2d Medical Images

Co-principal Supervisor

  • Master of Engineering Science,  Investigation On The Mobile Robot Navigation In An Unknown Environment
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Manufacturing And Properties Of Titanium-based Materials Produced By Selective Laser Melting.

Associate Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Design, Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of New Ti-based Alloys
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