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Seminars Series 2008

Monday, 01 December 2008


Seminar series organised in 2008:

  • Dr Cassie Richardson – Centre Research Fellow
    Factors for the Association between Diabetes Mellitus and Developing Alzheimer’s disease

    Presentation: 28 November 2008
  • Dr Michael Fenech – CSIRO, Adelaide

    A Nutrigenomics approach to prevention of Neurological disease
    Presentation: 21 November 2008
  • Dr Inna Sleptosva-Fredrich – Centre Research Fellow

    Developing and validating a transgenic zebrafish model for Alzheimer’s disease
    Presentation: 14 November 2008
  • Dr Milan Fiala– UCLA Orthopaedic Hospital, Los Angeles, U.S. 

    Immune Biomarkers of early Alzheimer disease
    Presentation: 7 November 2008
  •  Professor Ian Macreadie– CSIRO, Melbourne

    Can yeast help us to understand Alzheimer’s Disease and find new cures?
    Presentation: 31 October 2008
  • Dr Jeremiah Peiffer – Centre Research Fellow

    Changes in body composition following a home-based versus gym-based resistance training program in health older adults
    Presentation: 24 October 2008
  • Dr Mira Rimajova– Centre Research Fellow

    Imaging biomarkers in preclinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
    Presentation: 17 October 2008
  • Dr Renate Zilkens – Centre Research Fellow

    Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in Western Australia: Population based estimates of utilisation of health care services and outcomes
    Presentation: 26 September 2008
  • Dr Matthew Sharman – Centre Research Fellow

    The effect of APOE genotype on the peripheral clearance of beta amyloid in young and old human APOE e2, e3 and e4 knock in mice
    Presentation: 12 September 2008
  • Dr Kristyn Bates – Post Doctoral Research Fellow, ECU

    Immunological-based therapies for Alzheimer’s disease: the active pursuit of a passive approach
    Presentation: 29 August 2008
  • Professor C.V. Rao – Director & Distinguished University Scholar Division of Research Dept. Ob, Gyn & Women's Health, University of Louisville, U.S.A.

    Biological and clinical relevance of CNS actions of luteinizing hormone and human chorionic gonadotropin
    Presentation: 15 April 2008
  • Dr. Michael Lardelli – Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide

    What can zebrafish tell us about Alzheimer's disease?
    Presentation: 2 April 2008
  • Dr Olivier Salvado – Team Leader, Biomedical Imaging, CSIRO

    Characterization of Alzheimer's disease using estimation of cortical thickness from MRI, and deposition of amyloid plaques from PET
    Presentation: 10 March 2008
  • Associate Professor Craig Atwood – University of Wisconsin-Madison 

    What can human embryonic stem cells tell us about Alzheimer's Disease?
    Presentation: 18 February 2008
  • Associate Professor Mary Jo LaDu – University of Illinois, Chicago 

    ApoE, Ab, ApoE Receptors and Neuronal Viability
    Presentation: 1 February 2008


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