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The staff within the School of Engineering have expertise within the areas of engineering and aviation. Our researchers are active in publishing their research in major journals and present their findings at conferences nationally and internationally.

Adjunct appointments

  • Adjunct Professor Geoffrey Roy
  • Adjunct Professor Gregory Carman
  • Adjunct Professor Ian Cameron
  • Adjunct Professor Zahir M. Hussain
  • Adjunct Professor Jasmine Seng
  • Adjunct Professor Zhifeng Zhou
  • Adjunct Professor Zhihong Man
  • Adjunct Professor Zonghan Xie
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Mohammed Alazzawi
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Amid Bakihtazad
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Brent Wise
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Guan Heng Yeoh
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Nigel Ridgway
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Ganesh Arulampalam
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Eric Dines
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Conrad Drake
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Ghaffer Kiani
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Brian Mubaraki
  • Adjunct Lecturer Kaveh Sookhak Lari
  • Adjunct Lecturer Waleed Al-Saeidi
  • Adjunct Lecturer Thair Mahmoud
  • Adjunct Lecturer Nghia Nguyen
  • Adjunct Lecturer Mehrdad Raisi
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