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How to guides

The following guides provide brief instruction on how to make use of library services.

If you are in need of further assistance, please contact the library.

Changes to library services

This page will detail some of the important changes to how our new library system will affect the way you use your library services.

Finding materials

This page will instruct you on how to find materials online, using ECU Worldsearch.

Borrowing items

This page contains information on how to borrow items from ECU library. Also includes information for ECU alumni, community borrowers, and students and staff from other universities.

Using eBooks

This page will give a brief introduction to using eBooks, as well as provide links to programs which will facilitate downloading and reading eBooks held in the ECU collection.


This page will introduce you to referencing at ECU, as well as provide information for law students.


This page contains resources and information on how use EndNote, as well as providing an EndNote download link.

Alumni and other borrowers

This page contains information and links for to borrow items if you're alumni, a member of the community, or if you're a borrower from another university.

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