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These IPL training resources are intended to enhance interprofessional practice by developing communication, collaboration and problem solving between health professionals. The resources utilise problem-based learning scenarios that depict challenging (but quite typical) patients frequently encountered by clinicians as part of their practice.

Available resources

The following resources are now available:

Each IPL training resource consists of a video and an accompanying Facilitators' Guide. Users are required to reflect on the content covered in the video(s) and the accompanying Facilitators' Guide(s). Each Facilitators' Guide includes:

  • Information on interprofessional learning;
  • Activities for reflection; and
  • A literature review that can be used as reference material.

Learning objectives

The learning objectives of each resource focus on key IPL messages. They are based on the five competency domains identified in the Australian audit of interprofessional education in health:

  • Teamwork;
  • Understanding roles and respecting other professions;
  • Role clarification;
  • Understanding of Interprofessional Education (IPE); and
  • Reflection.

Using the resources in your teaching and learning materials

Educators are welcome to include these resources in teaching and learning materials, provided they are appropriately acknowledged, as per the relevant suggested citation, funding details and logos. Please see the specific resource webpage(s) for these details.

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