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Gayle O'Leary and Scott Collins

Gayle O'Leary and Scott Collins

Gayle O’Leary, current student, Bachelor of Planning and Scott Collins, alumnus, Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (2010). Scott is currently Senior Projects Officer at City of Joondalup.

“I was keen to take part to see what else I could learn about the planning industry that you can’t learn in the classroom, and also to see what established planners think of the field – to get any insights they might have.

I got a lot out of the program, including learning about potential pathways that I hadn’t considered before. It’s given me more direction in my career, as I’m now thinking about focusing on strategic development, which I had never thought about before.

I think it will help me when I transition from studying to working, as I have a better idea of what the expectations of the industry and the workplace are – it’s nice to be able to walk into a workplace and know a bit about how it works.

I would say that it was very useful to have someone who had graduated from ECU as a mentor. It was a really positive and helpful experience, so I would definitely encourage other students to take part.”

“I’ve always enjoyed passing on knowledge and helping people, so this is what motivated me to take part initially. I’ve been able to support graduates in the workplace in previous roles, and don’t have this in my current role, so I was looking for an opportunity like this for my own professional development.

It was useful to have the mentoring agreement put into place by the program, as it set the ground rules and I could then set a pathway for how to move forward. My workplace was very supportive of the mentoring relationship, which was positive.

Overall, it’s been a really good experience. Hopefully we’ve both learned something and I would do it again if there was another opportunity. I’d encourage others to take part as well as I found it very valuable.”

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