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Lisa Prince and Kelly Trusso

Lisa Prince and Kelly Trusso

Lisa Prince, current student, Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Kelly Trusso, alumna, Bachelor of Education (Primary) (2009). Kelly is currently teaching.

“I went into the program not really knowing what to expect, but I definitely ended up getting more out of it than I thought I would.

We’ve done prac, so in some ways being in the classroom with Kelly was similar, but it was also very different. It gave me another perspective on how a classroom is run, and was more relaxed as unlike with prac, I wasn’t being marked, so I felt that I could be myself and ask questions. It allowed me to take a step back and think about what teachers do rather than just thinking about what I have to learn. It made me think “yes, I can do this”, and gave me extra confidence.

It also makes me feel that on my first day out in the workplace, I’ll have a much better idea of what to expect.

I will definitely keep in touch with Kelly: knowing an extra person in the industry that I can turn to with questions is invaluable. Overall it was a very positive experience for me.”

“I decided to take part as I really enjoy helping prac students, and I was also keen to progress my own teaching career. It’s also great to have the association with ECU.

We did two classroom visits, and then had a number of emails back and forth as well. The school was very positive towards me having a mentee join me in the classroom. This is how we all learnt, so hosting a mentee is well-regarded. It was good to be able to give Lisa the experience without the pressure of a structured prac.

I’m pleased that Lisa found it useful, I was just really glad to help. I would definitely recommend other alumni to take part in the program as I got a lot out of it, including my own professional development.”

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